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We've Reached An Eerie Calm...

This post is sponsored by Eskimo-3

Now, I like to think of myself a mainly rational, sensible person who doesn’t put too much faith in signs and hokum. That said, I have to confess that every time my left palm is itchy I’m convinced I’m going to win the lotto (I’ve never won by the way!) and when I see a ladder I won’t walk underneath it for love nor money... I’d rather walk into the street and risk getting run over by a bus to be honest. So call this a coincidence but for the last few weeks, the little dude has had far less tantrums than he was having before…

You’ll remember I told you, I was I the midst of the ‘terrible twos’ and dear God have we had more than our fair share of epic tantrums.

While I firmly believe all babies and toddlers go through developmental or growing phases that result in downright shitty behaviours from them, I just can’t ignore the fact that he’s been having a daily dose of the Eskimo-3 Kids packed with Omega-3s for the last couple of weeks! Now when I say daily, that’s a loose term, as I haven’t always been able to sneak it into this breakfast. At first he was quite taken with the whole act of having it on a spoon like that pink medicine episode from Peppa Pig where the kids declare their remedy tastes like ‘Custard Flavoured Socks.’ Note, this stuff doesn’t actually taste like ‘Custard Flavour Socks,’ it tastes nice and sweet.

But that fascination didn’t last, so I’ve had to resort to stealthier ways to get it into him. Stirring it into this porridge or in with a smoothie normally works the best.

Of course, we’re just halfway through our trial, so we’ll see if this Zen spell lasts… but I can’t tell you how nice it is not to have to deal with a parade of silent protests and full on tantrums several time a day, especially while expecting.

And have I mentioned that he has been coughing less too? Now again that has coincided with the Easter break from playschool, so I’m afraid come this week, once he’s back I the cesspit of toddler germs, we’ll be back on the viral treadmill, but I’m hoping his Eskimo-3 will give a wee bit more defence.

Don’t forget to pop back in another couple of weeks for the final verdict when I’ll have a prize of a two month supply of Eskmio-3 as well as some branded to giveaway too!

In the meantime if you fancy joining me on the trial you can currently get 20% everything at using the code MAMMYBLOG20

Eskimo-3 Kids is available in Tutti Frutti and Orange flavour, as well as an Eskimo-3 Kids Chewable DHA+ in orange flavour. Eskimo-3 is available in pharmacies nationwide, find more information about the full range of supplements for adults and children over on and keep up to date with all their latest news on their social media channels -

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