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My Story

Mammy, Mummy, Mam, Mama, Mum
A.K.A Niamh

A freelance writer and veteran blogger by trade, my name is Niamh O’Reilly and I'm the woman behind, Irish blog,


A self-confessed, dog-mad, shoe-obsessed, movie-buff, up until my son arrived in 2016, I'd never changed a nappy, put on a onesie or even held a baby for more than five minutes without it unleashing what I now likes to call ‘the death roar.’ 

It’s been a momentous change in my life and I am now trying to navigate this brand new world of motherhood with honesty, grace, love and humour. 

As an editor, feature writer and copywriter, words are both my profession and passion. With over 15 years of published experience behind me, I've written about parenting, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel for a range of publications such as,  RSVP Magazine, The Irish Field, Horse & Countryside, Your Nails Magazine, and Ireland's Equestrian Magazine. I was editor of one of Ireland's first major online magazines, and was shortlisted for an Eircom Golden Spider Award for Best Digital Editor in 2009, where I went up against the national broadcaster.


Since being set up in mid 2017, TheMammyBlog has gone on to be shortlisted for the Eir Spiders for Best in Blogging and the twice for the Irish Blog Awards for Best Parenting Blog, I've also had one of my stories on motherhood published in a new Irish charity book called A Bowl of Irish Stew. 

I also provide copywriting, ghost blog writing and social media management for a range of SME's over on


Away from the professional side, I’ve always turned to writing to channel my thoughts and feelings since I was a little girl and naturally enough, when I became pregnant I immediately began to document my journey.


Since giving birth, I’ve gone through every emotion in the book and then some. I’ve cried, laughed, shouted, sighed, fallen asleep standing up, felt like my heart would burst with love, as well as lamented for my old life, questioned whether I was cut out to be a mum and even thrown my hands in the air in defeat. But I’m still standing and learning every day and what I’ve realised is that I’m not alone. We mammies are all in this together and even when you feel at your lowest ebb and you think you are alone, you’re not. There are hundreds of other mammies feeling just like you are. So that’s why I decided it was time to share my journey with other mums. 

Sometimes funny, sometimes bittersweet, but always real, this is 

Niamh xx 

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