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  • Niamh

Here Comes the Mess - Weaning 101

It's fair to say I am more than little bit excited about the prospect of weaning my baby boy. After months of boring bottles that smell just rank ( I don't know how he drinks the stuff!), I cannot wait to unlock the world of real food for him. I'm dying to see his reactions to different foods and tastes. What will he like? What will he hate?

Of course, I realise the one big downside to this is the nappy's, which up until now haven't been too bad. I mean to me they smell like butter popcorn... yes that might sound weird, but tell me I am not alone in this? I swear they smell sweet! But look I know solids are bound to be a game changer in that department. That said, I'm still excited and predictably I lost the head when I went to both Boots and Mothercare and bought practically everything associated with Weaning. Ahem, evidence above.

But it got me thinking that I have a really rose-tinted view of weaning. I mean there I am with my trolley stacked high with every veggie and fruit known to man and beast, as my blender stands on high alert ready to whizz the bejaysus out of them, while thoughts of a perfectly behaved baby opening his mouth to enjoy all the new flavours flashes before my eyes. I'd say the reality will be very different. Think food thrown in mammy's face, on the floor, on the walls and on the dog, while epic meltdowns are had because he's whacked himself in the eye with the spoon or just doesn't like this new experience and wants to get out of the high chair, while I bedraggled and sick of whizzing every vegetable in the house, reaches for the nearest Ella's Kitchen pouch and pray he likes it.

It's funny though how we all have such good intentions when we start the weaning process. We think 'oh no chocolate till your 10,' and as for chips? Fish Fingers? Burgers Never! This from the woman who as a girl made her mum bring her to McDonald's every Friday after school for years!

I'm not going to put much pressure on myself or the baby. I'm going to start slowly and try to make as much of his food fresh as I can, but I already have a stash of pouches on standby for those times when I can't make something from scratch.

I'm starting with baby porridge that has a hint of apple in it, so fingers crossed, the little dude enjoys it.

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