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  • Niamh

6 Month Weaning Hooter Has Been Blown

So last time we checked in I was about 2 weeks into the wonderful world of weaning and now that Thomas is 6 month, I feel like the official weaning hooter has been blown and I can try him on a whole heap more things!

But dear God I am finding it so hard to fit in all this feeding! It seems like I am constantly trying to get him to eat. Between 5 milk feeds and now trying to give him 2 meals (when I say meals I use the term lightly!) a day, plus fitting in naps, play and just trying to leave the house plus a little work on the side is damn bloody hard! I think I will have to drop a feed and concentrate on 4 milk feeds instead of 5. I’ve read from several weaning books, that from 6 months onwards they need a minimum of 500mls of breast or formula a day.

Managing his digestion is another big issue but not in the way I was expecting. I was prepared for a total change in the nappy department, but honestly it’s more about trying to stop him getting bunged up then worrying about total ‘poonamis’. So Ella’s prunes pouches have become my best friend. There was a couple of days the other week, when the poor lad didn’t go for about 2 and a half days, which for him is completely out of character, add to that a hell of a lot of puce-face straining and it was torture. So I had to deploy the prunes, which he loved and I guess why wouldn’t he? They are sweeter than a bowl of sugar dipped in caramel, topped with cotton candy. And boy do they work, as probably most post-labour mammies can attest to! For now I’m going to give him prunes one a week and see how we go.

Also I’ve noticed, it is amazing how his tastes are changing. At first he was willing to accept the veggies without any sweetness, but he’s quickly copped on that fruits are sweeter, so I’ve had to add a little fruit into the veggies to get him to eat them… I am hoping to reduce this as I go, but I find making the veggies from scratch and adding in a squeeze of a fruit pouch works a treat. Also its great fun to create new combos, like how delish is broccoli and courgette puree? I was literally licking the food processor. And that’s another thing, this no salt business really makes you appreciate the natural flavour of the veggies and fruits! As a result I am definitely adding less salt to my own food!

Other than that, now that he is officially 6 months, I’ve started to introduce a little dairy and wowza is that a big hit! I may have to take out shares in yoghurt! Eggs, courgette and broccoli are my next goal in a week or so.

So here’s his updated list of hits and misses, let me know how you’re getting on with the weaning.

Mango – this was an Ella’s pouch and initially it was a hit, but when I had a bash at making my own he decided it was yuck!

Parsnip – Still a moderate success and I mix with the carrot quite a lot.

Carrot – This was surprising thumbs down, but he’s not enjoying it mixed with parsnip.

Pear – This is one of his favs.

Sweet Potato – Still a big yes

Banana – Surprisingly, this has not been a success… I wonder is my revulsion for them rubbing off?

Porridge – Still enjoying it

Baby rice – wasn’t overly keen and it made him constipated!

Prunes – a lifesaver after said constipation!

Peas – he loved these too

Peaches – a resounding yes

Weetabix – great mixed with fruit

Yogurt – Yes, yes, yes!

Strawberries – He’s only had a smidge mixed with yogurt but it was a big yes!

Blueberries – He wasn’t overly keen, but mixed with other veggies and fruit he enjoyed it.

Avocado – Was a disappointment, but I think I may have had it too thick. I’ll add it to banana next time.

Toast – He’s only sort of sucked on it, but he liked it.

Cauliflower – This has been a real hit and great to mix into other veggies too.

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