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  • Niamh

When Did I Become One Of Those Gushy Mums?

Babies are quite simply remarkable. I don’t think I realised just how amazing they were before I became a mum. Okay, I’ll openly admit, I wasn’t really a baby person before I had my son and to be honest, I’m still not overly keen on other people’s kids. Yes they are cute and I do see them in a whole new light, but frankly, I’m still not the sort of person who is in their element surrounded by a horde of kids.

There… I said it!

In any case, now that I am a mammy, I can at last fully appreciate why other parents went on and on about their own kids perceived achievements; like when they got a Petit Filous all over their face or managed to use the potty for the first time. Pre-baby me would have been more interested in watching paint dry. I mean I can remember friends or family members sending me pictures of their kids who took their first steps or sang a song for the first time and thinking ‘yeah… great… isn’t he or she cute?’ and then quickly going back to whatever it was I was doing without giving much more thought to said child and their milestones.

Of course, now that I am a mum, I have become one of those parents who won’t shut up about how amazing her baby is… and I can almost hear the interior monologue of my childless friends wishing I would put a sock in it. I know they aren’t the slightest bit interested, but I don’t care! It’s like I can’t help myself and gush over his wonderfulness! Everything from his super soft cheeks that I just want to literally eat up, to his spoon holding skills to his incredible ability to throw foodstuffs all the way across the kitchen in one record setting throw!

‘Look at him! Isn’t he great? Isn’t he just the cutest little genius you’ve ever seen?!’

Er… Yeah, sure he is!

But this week, we hit a major milestone folks. This week, was a revelation because my little dude stood up by himself for the first time. Okay, yes he was holding onto the couch, but I was at the other end of the room when he did it completely unassisted by me!

And to say this mammy was delighted was an understatement. You’d swear he had just graduated from Harvard the way I went on, but I just could not contain my pride, delight and sheer awe at his determination and genius. He’s been practicing his moves for what seems like weeks. Going on his hunkers and doing an almost little dance as she shuffles his weight forward and back, reaching up toward things and hanging out of anything he can grab. And then all of a sudden he stands up! It’s just incredible. I mean why today of all days? Did he wake up and say to himself, okay this is the day I stand up by myself without that mammy woman helping me!

When he did it, I literally shouted out loud; ‘Oh my god he’s just stood up by himself!’ And ran over and told him what an absolute smasher he is.

Yup… this is what motherhood does to you. I have become putty in this child’s hands and have well and truly have become that person I used to bewail… and you know what?

It’s bloody marvellous!

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