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Make Self-Care a Priority & Get 20% Off Mama Moments Box

Scroll down for the 20% Off discount code

Self-care. It’s not something most mums get time to even think about, let alone indulge in. We’re generally too busy running around after our little ones, worrying have they eaten well, have we got clothes or uniforms sorted, what about lunches, crèche and school drop offs, sports, activities, trying to wrestle devices out of their hands, dealing with meltdowns and phase after phase of challenging behaviour.

Add in grown up worries like work, bills and mortgages, there just isn’t enough hours in the day to have a hot cup of tea, let alone give yourself a bit of TLC.

But that’s gotta stop. Because most of the time mammies are completely exhausted both mentally and physically. We’re burned out. We’re shattered zombies that might get to flop on the couch for half an hour before collapsing into sleep, ready to hit repeat the next day.

I know it’s hard, but making some time in the day for something that’s just for you is key. It doesn’t have to be big, bold or extravagant either. Just a hot cup of tea, or coffee for 10 minutes and a read of a magazine or a listen to a podcast or a flip through your fav social media, could be enough. It might be a hot shower that’s longer than two minutes. A bath, a glass of wine, a bar of choc, some lush body cream. All small things, but if you can let yourself remember that you are indeed a person and not just a mum for a few minutes each day, your soul will feel lighter.

But it’s not easy to do, so something that might help is the brand new Irish venture called Mama Moments. Set up by Irish Mum Sarah Ryan, who I chatted to for 5 Things About Mammy recently, it’s a subscription box with a difference. It’s packed with 5-6 beautiful artisan items that are designed to encourage self-care.

I got a sneak peek of the launch box which included delicious herbal tea, salted caramel chocolate, body oil and a journal.

I think it’s a genius idea, so needed and so timely.

Plus, to celebrate the launch, they’ve given us a special 20% for Mammy Blog followers! Use the code MammyBloggerLaunch on checkout. It can only be used once by each subscriber and can be activated any time between now and the end of 2018.

*I was given a Mama Moments box to review, however all opinions on it and the service are my own.

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