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It's A Whole Different Ballgame Being Pregnant For The Second Time…

So for anyone who doesn’t yet know, I’m pregnant for the second time. Yay!

I’m excited, nervous and despite having done this once before, I’m a little terrified… but I’ll save that for another blog.

For now, I’ve just got to talk how different being pregnant for the second time really is, because it is a WHOLE different ballgame, ladies.

Let’s just start with the obvious, this time around I’ve got a two year old to look after. And while he is big and bold and running around like the energiser bunny, leaping off the couch and literally running up the curtains in an effort to use up his seemingly boundless energy, to me he is still the baby. He still wants to be picked up, to snuggle now and then, still needs his teddy and soother at bedtime, we haven’t started potty training yet and he still wants mammy to kiss his ouches. I carry him around at his whims and while it may be like carrying a baby elephant, to me I’m just carrying my baby.

All cutesy and lovely right?

Yeah, but did I also mention he can flip from little sweetie pie to the Anti-Christ quick as a wink? Yes folks the terrible twos are real in my house, click here for a recap on how delightful it has been so far.

The point is, it’s full on in toddler land at the moment and coping with it all while being pregnant has been draining the in the extreme. There is just no down time this time around. No sneaky naps, no long lie-ins, or alone time. Jesus I can’t even pee these days without an audience from himself who is becoming fascinated by the toilet and just where the wee wee has gone?

I won’t lie, the first trimester was really tough… I liken it to a three month hangover, only this time there was no luxury of getting a bit of rest from said hangover, because I’ve got to be mammy too.

As my bump grows, the physical side of things is getting harder too, picking him up, carrying him around, running after him and playing with him, are tough now that my belly has showed up.

And speaking of belly, is it just me or is it that second time around you show A LOT quicker? I mean seriously, I was breaking out my old maternity jeans at 12 weeks. I’m bloody huge already, so much so, I had myself convinced it was twins in there… thankfully it ain’t… But look, I’m embracing the belly big time, I’m eating whatever the damn hell I want!

Another big change this time around is, dare I say it, the lack of interest from family and friends? Announcing I was pregnant the first time was a massive moment and the reaction of my nearest and dearest was just so lovely. There’s nothing like sharing that news for the first time. People are so genuinely happy for you, and you can’t help but smile.

This time though? Yes sure there’s that initial, ‘yay, congrats etc.,’ but the shine goes off your news very quickly. You feel less special. People don’t’ ask you how you’re feeling or text you to see how you’re getting on as much or even at all. Not that I blame them, because as much as I hate to say this, I don’t feel as excited either.

That sounds awful doesn’t it? But I don’t.

Why? Well the main reason I think, is that I’m just so busy looking after my toddler and juggling normal life and work, that most days I forget there’s a little jellybean in there at all! 

I swear some days hours and hours have gone by and I’ve forgotten I’m pregnant, even with the said huge belly. I guess, the first time around I was just so excited and focused on being pregnant that it was all I thought about. 

And that’s natural. Because it’s new, you don’t know what to expect, how to feel and every little thing is a big thing to you. 

The first scan, the first movements, the buying all the baby stuff, the reading of the books, the ante natal classes, the freaking out because you ate a piece of brie the other week or had too much coffee… this time around you’ve been there, done that and you’re more relaxed about that piece of brie, you have all the baby stuff, the maternity clothes, you’ve done the classes and it’s just all a little less… less… less consuming.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted to be pregnant and I realise how very lucky I am and now that I’m starting to feel the first flutters, I feel my hands going to by belly and saying hello to that little jellybean in there more often.  

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