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Brow Pencils - Mum on the Run Review

Time for another mum on the run review. It’s the series where I put beauty, skincare and haircare to the test, mum style.

What does that mean then?

If you’re like me, you are a woman on a hamster wheel trying to keep everything and everyone else running, but have zero time for yourself. So, anything I do get 30 seconds to use, needs to be fool proof, do what it promises and require no faffing.

Last time out, I tried dry shampoo. This time, it’s the brows that are getting the once over.

They say your brows should be sisters, not twins. Following that analogy, mine are cousins once or twice removed. I’ve also got an asymmetrical face, I lived through the overplucking of the early noughties and my brows have never been the same since.

Suffice to say, I need LOTS of help in the brow department, but have zero time to do anything about it. So, I rely on clever brow products and a lot of filling in.

Here’s my top three go-to’s-


Bellamianta Tribrow €21.99

Irish brand Bellamianta knocks it out of the park for me on the brow front. This nifty little wand is fierce clever. It’s got an angled pencil on one end, a spoolie on the other. Then hidden beneath the spoolie is a brow mascara. It’s everything I need in one product, which means less time wasted. Plus, I love the shades on offer and it doesn’t just disappear in the middle of the day leaving me looking like the crazy one-browed woman.


NYX Professional Makeup Lift and Snatch Brow Tint Pen €13.45

While it’s not a multi-tasker, I do like this one for its ability to fill in the gaps so well. If, like me, you fell foul of overplucking in the early noughties then you may well be lacking in the brow follicle department too. This micro-brush tip lets you draw hair-like strokes from thin to thick, so that it gives the appearance of full bushy brows.


Maybelline Express Brow Ultra Slim Eyebrow Pencil €9.95

This doesn’t have any special bells and whistles, per say, but it’s a good, simple, budget-friendly product. I like the slim design of the pencil and the spoolie on the other end. Basic? Yes. But handy on those days when you really have zero time? Also yes.





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