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  • Niamh

We Put The Bibetta UltraBib To The Test

Babies and food are the ultimate recipe for mess… in fact babies in general are just drawn to goo. The little dude is amazingly almost 11 months old! I know, no-one is more surprised about that than me!

In any case, what I’ve found is that the messiness has gotten worse, not better! As his increased curiosity and improved hand eye co-ordination continue to grow, one thing he now loves to do is try to pull his bib off… there was a period of a couple of weeks where he’d literally move his hands to the collar of his bib and look up at me waiting to see my reaction.

As well as his bib removal skills, he’s now a dab hand at holding the spoon himself and wanting to put it and his other hand on the bowl of food. I seriously need a hazmat suit for myself some days.

But what I really need for him is a decent bib he can’t pull off and is going to put up with epic levels of mess.

Enter Bibetta’s new UltraBib with sleeves that was carrier-pigeoned over to me and the little dude to review. The body part is made of neoprene so it was sort of like he was wearing a dinky surfer suit. Very cute! The sleeves are waterproof and have elastic on the cuffs.

So far, so standard.

But where it stood out for me was on the little details. It’s got a soft, springy, pelican-style pocket that folds out to catch food. This I loved as sometimes you don’t want a tough pocket on the end of the bib as its super cumbersome. The flexibility of this was very handy. The Velcro on the back was really strong meaning the little dude couldn’t whip it off.

Mammy – 1 Baby – 0

For a baby that’s not keen on bibs, he was pretty comfortable in it meaning he could do some messy water play with it too.

Washing wise, you can easily hand wash and leave to dry on the radiator overnight but you can also chuck it in the machine at 30 degrees and it can be tumble dried.

The sucker punch for me was the cute dinosaur motif! But they come in a host of colours and designs.

If you’re inclined to check em out, they’ll set you back £11.99.

#Review - Product sent for review purposes, all opinions my own and the little dude's of course!

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