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My Top November Netflix Picks!

October was all about Stranger Things 2 and boy it did not disappoint! Full of all the nostalgic charm that was present in the first runaway hit series, it packed plenty of laughs and quite a few scares. Plus as a complete movie buff and child of the 80s, the subtle movie nods were epic… Hooper running back for his a la Indiana Jones, the walking along the train tracks in a very Stand By Me tribute and of course Steve’s Marty McFly style Nike runners! Without giving anything away, let’s just say most of the loose ends were tied up with enough unanswered questions left for another season

Apart from Stranger Things 2, for me Mindhunter was the absolute gem of the month, I adored it. From the dark mind of David Fincher, it took a look at the creation of criminal profiling of serial killers in the FBI in the late 70s. It even lets us in on how the phrase was coined. Dark, gritty and clever, I cannot wait for the next season of this one.

So those were my two top picks. What did you enjoy binging on this month? Let me know in the comments below and in the meantime, here’s what I’m looking forward to watching this month. #NetflixStreamTeam

Novembers Top Picks

Alias Grace – Now Streaming

I think everyone was hooked on the adaption of Margaret Atwood’s stunning book The Handmaids Tale earlier in the year, so it’s wonderful news that Netflix has gotten in on the action by bringing this awarding novel by the same woman to our screens. The story goes a little something like this; a mild-mannered woman convicted of a savage murder in 1840s Canada becomes a young doctor’s obsession.

6 Days – Now Streaming

Real life is stranger than fiction and this one story is no exception. Probably something you’ve seen real life scenes from on Reeling in the Years, this Netlfix Original film is a tense look at the standoff that happened when armed gunmen seized the Iranian Embassy in 1980. The film charts the ensuing six-day standoff that happened afterwards when elite British soldiers prepared for a dangerous raid. Starring Jamie Bell and Mark Strong, this looks like it’s well worth checking out.

La La Land – Streaming 8th November

I missed this in the cinema because I had just given birth, so I cannot wait to finally get to sit down and soak up every carefully choreographed dance move and song in the multi-award winning musical that stole everyone’s hearts.

Godless – Streaming November 22nd

Starring Jeff Daniels, Michelle Dockery, and Jack O’Connell, Logan writer Scott Frank brings us to the old west with Godless. Daniels stars as Frank Griffin as a gang leader who terrorizes the West as they hunt Roy Goode (Jack O’Connell). The chase leads to the quiet town of La Belle, made up entirely of women.

*Disclaimer – As part of the Netflix Stream Team, I receive a complimentary membership. All opinions are however my own.*

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