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  • Niamh

I'm Sick Of Rolling Over Dog Poop With The Pram!

Rant alert fellow mammies, rant alert.

I know I do a lot of ranting, but from time to time you’ve just got to vent when something consistently builds up in your system, each time annoying you just that little bit more until, boom! You go from mild mannered mammy trying to go about her busy day, into a green, seething, clothes-ripping, Hulk-style monster that is about to grab and shake the living shit out of the thing that’s made her mad…

In this case though, the subject of my rage is shit so I won’t be picking it up and throwing it around.

To be more specific it’s dog shit.

Now I’ve got to preface this rant by telling you that I’m a proud dog owner and anyone who follows me over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will know that Lily is basically my hairier second child. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people – an un-ashamed 100% dog lover. Indeed before the little dude arrived in 2016, Lily was my baby for a whole year. So what I’m saying is that while I adore dogs of all shapes and sizes, I do not adore their excrement.

Being a pretty responsible dog owner, when I’m out on a walk with Lily and she decides to take a poop, I do my duty, bend down and put it in a poop bag and chuck it in the nearest bin.

Job done in seconds.


It’s THAT simple.

A one handed monkey could do it.

So why, oh why, do people just leave dog shit on the path for people to walk in and worse for prams to roll over?

I’m so sick of coming back to the car only to find that the wheels are encrusted with dog shit. Sometimes I’m so preoccupied with getting the child into the car and dealing with meltdowns, that I don’t even notice until I’ve folded up the pram and I’m about to push it in with my hands and chest and oh yes you can imagine the aftermath of that horror story, especially on the days when I forget to bring the wet wipes!

Have you ever had to scrape dog shit off a prams wheels, or your hands or your top or your car boot or all of the above, when the dog isn’t even yours? It’s a task I don’t wish on anyone. And frankly I put up with enough shit all day, from changing the baby, to cleaning up the garden after the dog, and trying to catch that rogue cat who thinks my flowerbed is its toilet, I do not need to have to de-shit my pram wheels on top of that.

It’s disgusting, lazy, and completely unnecessary.

So why do you do it? Yes I’m talking to you, the person who thinks it’s okay to leave dog shit on the path? Are you just pure bone idol? Is that you just couldn’t care less? Are you just a sad, selfish git who gets some sick pleasure out of making other people miserable?

Honestly I’d love to know what goes on in your mind. I’d love to get you to come on a walk with me and have to deal with the aforementioned de-shitting procedure on an all too often basis and then tell me again why you won’t take the couple of seconds out of your day to bend down and pick it up!

Oh and one more thing before I get off my soapbox… can some tell me why a person would go to the trouble of first buying poop bags, remembering to bring them with them on their walk, they even dutifully bend down to pick up after their dog, tie a pretty bow in the bag, but instead of putting in a bin, they hurl it in the nearest bush or weirdly hang it out of a tree?!

There are no words… honestly!?

Rant over.

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