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5 Things About... Deirdre Doyle

Time for another chat with a fellow Mammy, this time we pick the brain of Deirdre Doyle, with our fast 5 questions.

Deirdre is the chief bottle washer at The Cool Food School, an absolutely super endeavour that teaches children of all ages about eating, cooking and loving healthy food.

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1. As A Busy Mum How Did You Find Time To Run Your Business The Cool Food School?

‘I previously worked full-time, the luxury of being able to choose my own hours is something I really appreciate now. I generally work in the mornings allowing a bit of time for essentials such as a quick coffee with friends or a run. My school collections start at 1.30 and once that first child's foot is over the threshold - all work is put on hold!! The afternoons are a treadmill of activities, homework and cooking. Work resumes at about 9pm till midnight 3 or 4 nights a week. I am excited about what I am doing and this is what keeps me glued to the laptop till all hours! Sometimes sleep and almost always, housework are the casualties of my schedule!’

2. Where Did Your Passion For Healthy Food And Nutrition Come From?

‘As a Hotel and Catering Graduate (yes, I know it was a long time ago!), I developed an interest in food. It wasn't always healthy food mind you! When my eldest was born (he's almost 11 now), I wanted to make sure, like every Mammy, that he got the best food that I could give him. Cue lots of batch cooking sweet potato and avocado mashing! With the arrival of the next two darlings, I worked hard to maintain a healthy, balanced diet for them all. However, I was aware of the growing concerns over the eating habits of children, the rise in obesity and other lifestyle issues. I left my full-time position to spend more time with my family and immediately launched myself into study!! I completed a BTec in Nutrition and Health Coaching in 2016 which really opened my eyes to the value of a good diet and its impact on overall health. Since then, it's been salad with this and sugar free that, to the horror of my children!’

3. If You Could Give New Mums Just One Piece Of Advice, What Would It Be?

‘My children are 6, 8 and 10 now so we are past the nappy and naps stage and well into the homework and attitude era. Every stage has its challenges (believe me - you don't want to be doing Irish homework with a cheeky 10 year old!) and I remember as a new mum I thought, will this child ever go to sleep? Will he ever wake up when the book says he's supposed to, why oh why is he crying again? You might feel like this is your life forever, but this time will pass so quickly and you will get a full night’s sleep again (unless you decide to "go again"!) Don't wish the Irish homework on yourself - make the most of your baby now! Oh and teach your baby to cook - well maybe wait until he can sit, walk and talk first!’

4. If You Could Take Off Your Mummy Hat For An Entire Day And Just Be You Again, What Would You Do?

‘I would jump on a plane and visit New York for breakfast, Paris for lunch and The Orient Express for dinner! Travel and food are my passions and to combine them both would be my idea of a great day out! I'm not sure a plane would cut it actually - a teleporter would be quicker and dispense with the whole jet lag thing. However, if the teleporter and copious amounts of money were not part of the deal, I would head into town (something I rarely do anymore), have a nose around the shops, but some clothes that magically fit me and my budget, go for a delicious lunch (see, it's all about the food), go for a drink in the Shelbourne, maybe the cinema after and back to the Shelbourne for the night - that's not too much to ask surely?!!’

5. Finally Describe Motherhood In 5 Words

‘Chaotic, stressful, busy, frustrating and wonderful.’

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