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5 Things About Aisling Caren of Motherly Retreats

Time for another chat with a fellow Mammy, and this time I have a good old chinwag with the inspiring Aisling Caren, the mama behind the upcoming Mother Retreats! Essentially it’s a weekend away for new mums to spend some bonding time with their new baby and other like-minded mamas, while getting a host of amazing activities, workshops and pampering to boot! I may have to stowaway in someone’s suitcase…

Check out Motherly Retreats over on Facebook and Instagram and if you fancy booking your place on the next retreat head here

Are you a mamma that fancies being featured or know one who does? Then send me an email.

1. Fill us in on the amazing Motherly Retreats!

Motherly Retreats is a Retreat run by a mum, for mums. Mums with pre-walking babies, looking to have the time to bond with their baby and other like-minded mums. There are talks, mum and baby yoga, sensory play, catering food and wine, games, a babysitter, beautician, masseuse and lots more! It's a time to allow the mum to re-cooperate after birth, get some guidance and learn it's ok to feel overwhelmed. All packaged into one get away with own private room and en-suite!

2. If you could give new mums just one piece of advice, what would it be?

STOP comparing yourself to other mums, they are not any better than you. I thought (thanks Dailymail) that I was going to bounce back to my original size, the SECOND I gave birth, brought my size 8 jeans and everything. The shock after was immeasurable, constantly worrying I wasn't getting back to my size quick enough, like everyone else.

3. What is the one major thing parenthood has taught you about yourself?

That it's ok to not be ok. Getting through the birth, the first few months and breastfeeding has shown me how strong I am.

4. If you could take off your mummy hat for an entire day and just be you again, what would you do?

I would go away on holidays to somewhere like Thailand and party with my best friends for a week.

5. Finally describe motherhood in 5 words

Fun, challenging, exhausting, fulfilling and lovely.

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