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Why I Disconnected My Doorbell - And Have Never Looked Back!

Every mother in the world knows the heartache of trying to get their babies and toddlers down for that hallowed afternoon nap. It’s a routine that can make or break your day. Go up too early and the child might take an hour to settle or indeed not at all… wait too long and you’ve got an overtired baby on your hands which is even worse. Either way, it’s a fine line and let’s face it hell hath no fury like a toddler that’s missed their afternoon nap, not to mention the poor parent who has to deal with the consequences…

Eventually though, most of us find a routine that works for our child and for us. Whether you’re in the stage of multiple daily naps or you’re just down to the last one, they are sacrosanct. And once you get into that marvellous routine, you would will literally rather rip your own arm off, then break said routine.

Yes that often means your life is ruled by naps. I know my day is punctuated by it. We’ve got our morning routine, breakfast, play and a walk with the dog, then it’s nap time… for 2 precious hours, where a very busy mammy gets to furiously work her socks off and set the laptop on fire with her speed typing. Those two hours are my lifesaver. It’s my time to engage my brain instead of signing bah bah black sheep, changing nappies, making mushy meals and dealing with meltdowns and tumbles.

So when something comes along to derail that precious nap time… well let’s just say good old Genghis Khan has nothing on me, the pussycat!

While teeth, leaps and just odd phases can upset the nap routine, mostly it’s noise that does the damage. Whether it’s the neighbours who like to slam the living shit out of the door all afternoon, to the guy who likes to mow the grass every day during the summer, to cars on the road, I’m always on high alert for noise.

But the absolute worst is when someone rings the doorbell, right during nap time. Our doorbell was possible the shrillest sounding noise you were ever likely to hear in your entire life. When we moved in two years ago, I remember thinking oh yes I must change that. But I put it on the long finger, because until you have kids, you do not know they tyranny of a noisy doorbell. So when the little dude arrived in December 2016, one of the first things I did was to unhook the doorbell. Much to the surprise and chagrin of many of my family and friends.

Them - How will you hear the door?

Me- I’ll get a knocker.

Them - But sure you won’t hear that!

Me – That’s sort of the point!

And honestly, these days anyone who calls over is generally going to be someone who’s already texted you first to make plans and if not, they’ve got your number if you don’t hear the door. Anyone else is normally a nuisance or couriers who wouldn’t know how to be quiet if they had their mouth zipped up and could float on air!

Of course, the other cohort are mainly cold callers wondering if you want to change energy suppliers and need you to sign up on the doorstep for this AMAZING deal… for today only!

The answer is to that is always no!

And I won’t even mention the poor unfortunate who called around the other day, albeit not at nap time, otherwise, he would not be breathing.

Him- I wasn’t sure if you could hear me knocking, I can’t find your doorbell.

Me- Yes, yes I did hear you, which is why I answered the door.

Him - Oh, okay then, would you like to switch energy suppliers, I’ve a today only deal that’s incredible?

Me- No.

Him- Oh okay, so you’re not interested in making a huge saving on your bill?

Me- No.

Him- Oh okay, when will you husband be home, perhaps he’d be interested in hearing how he could save a massi-


Simply put, I’ve never looked back after removing my doorbell. And if you’ve yet to do the same, then maybe this little sign might be of use to you.

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