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5 Things About Ciara Lawless

Time for another chat with a fellow Mammy, this week we chat to beauty guru and the woman behind BRYT Skincare Ireland, Ciara Lawless about her busy life and her top skincare tips for tired mamas everywhere!

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1. As a busy mum how do you find time to run BRYT Skincare Ireland?

‘I have one little girl of 10 her name is Laoise. I have always worked for myself since she was born so at this stage she is very use to Mama working and it’s part of the fabric of our daily lives. She has come first and always will but it’s really about juggling work now with school times and all of Laoise other activities. I have been so lucky to have worked from home and to get every precious minute with her, it can be difficult at times but I do realise how lucky I am!

2. What is the one piece of advice you’d give to a brand new mum?

A brand new mum needs to take her time, accept all the help that maybe offered, rest while the baby is resting. But most of all you know your baby better than anyone else and use your gut instinct as to what your baby needs.

3. As a passionate beauty guru, what’s your one golden skincare rule to help tired mamas have a glowing healthy complexion?

Well your skin has been through quite a journey over nine months! My golden rule is to exfoliate (face and body) twice a week to prepare the skin for the nourishment of serums and the skin protection of a good Day Cream with SPF and a good body cream. There is some amazing cost effective brands available – you don’t need to spend a fortune but have a certain amount of knowledge of ingredients and what to use and avoid. Keep your skincare routine simple and stick to it as you will see results.

4. If you could take off your mummy hat for an entire day and just be you again, what would you do?

Probably dance…something I haven’t done in a very long time…I miss that with my besties

5. Finally describe motherhood in 5 words.

The most amazing role ever.

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