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And The Verdict is In…

[This post is sponsored by Eskimo-3]

If there was one phrase I used to hate people lobbing at me when I was worried about my little dude as a baby, it was this; ‘it’s just a phase.’

Whether I was worrying that he hadn’t slept properly for a few nights in a row due to illness or teething and thus I thought he’d never sleep through the night again, or the time when he took to having complete meltdowns every time he was put in the car and my over active mind thought, well this is it, my days of bringing him places in the car are over, the truth is that babies and toddlers do go through phases.

And while we all know they go through phases, it’s not in the least bit helpful to tell this to a worried mum who’s right in the middle of the trenches. It just sounds like the ultimate fob off, akin to telling them not to worry and just get on with it.

As you may have read, I’m in the middle of the terrible twos. It’s a time filled with lots of phases. I find some weeks he’s an angel and some weeks he’s the Antichrist. Some day’s it’s beyond challenging, some day’s it’s like floating on air. What I’ve learned is, it’s all par for the course.

For the last month, the little dude has been trailing Eskimo-3 Kids in Tutti Frutti flavour (click here for a recap of parts one and two.) While we’ve had varying success in getting him to take it, I have been able to sneak it into his smoothies which has been a real win for me!

In general my toddler is a brutal eater… brutal in the sense that he only eats what he wants and that normally does not consist of healthy things like oily fish which is full of natural Omega-3’s or even many veggies. So I worry. I worry that he’s not getting the right amount of nutrition he needs… I used to let it really get to me and mealtimes would become a daily battle ground. But it was doing neither of us any good, so I’ve stopped getting so het up about it. I try and put a nutritious meal in front of him every day and and encourage him to try it without making it an issue. It’s the ultimate balancing act and to be honest, a lot of the time it’s a failure. He might lick a vegetable and then take one bite of pasta and declare he’s finished… but I hope that over time he’ll get better at it. The key for me is not to start obsessing over it and relax.

But in terms of his nutrition I do feel he lacks essentials like Omega-3 which, as I’ve learned has major benefits for concentration and mood, which is why I’m keen to give him a supplement on a regular basis and I really do believe when he eats better, he is less cranky!

So what’s the verdict after the month’s trial?

It’s definitely a thumbs up from mammy. It’s relatively easy to sneak into the little dude’s food and there were times when he willingly took it off a spoon, as it does taste really sweet, like a bit of a treat. It’s undeniably packed with a host of goodies like immune boosting vitamins D3 and vitamin E and as I said it’s also got high levels of omega-3 DHA, omega-6 and omega-9. I’m going to stick with it.

To celebrate the end of the trial, I’ve got a nice prize of a two month supply of Eskmio-3 as well as some branded goodies for one lucky reader, just head over to the Mammyblog Facebook or Insta page and comment under the post to be in the hat.

In the meantime if you fancy running your own month long trial you can currently get 20% everything at using the code MAMMYBLOG20

Eskimo-3 Kids is available in Tutti Frutti and Orange flavour, as well as an Eskimo-3 Kids Chewable DHA+ in orange flavour. Eskimo-3 is available in pharmacies nationwide, find more information about the full range of supplements for adults and children over on and keep up to date with all their latest news on their social media channels -

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