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Best Products For Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

Post pregnancy hair loss is a real kick in the teeth. As if we haven’t gone through enough over the nine and something months of pregnancy from barfing, to stretch marks, to back pain, aching hips and drooling at night like a St. Bernard, mother nature then has a sting in her tail as at around 3 months after you give birth you hair falls out.

Lovely stuff, thanks for that you wagon!

All joking aside, post-partum hair loss or post-partum alopecia is no joke. I’ve blogged before about how I am sick to death of those wispy style, baby hairs that follow the hair loss, but it’s a very real issue that affects so many women. I was on East Coast FM’s Morning Show this morning chatting about this very topic and every time it comes up on the blog, I get a huge number of questions from fellow mammies about what products to use help minimise the hair loss.

So voila, I’ve road-tested a few of the best products, which I think are well worth checking out. Remember though, if your post pregnancy hair loss is very heavy or lasts for a prolonged period of time, longer than 3 months, it may be worth just popping into your GP for a quick chat to rule out any underlying health issues; such as a hormone imbalance or thyroid issue which can be easily dealt with. Or indeed if you are worried ask for a referral to a trichologist.

Why Does The Hair Fall Out?

Hair has three cycles is growth, transition and then shedding and in fact it’s quite normal to lose about 100 hairs a day.

When pregnant you’ve got higher levels of hormones like oestrogen which alters the natural cycle of your hair and prolongs the growth stage. So while it seems like your hair is thicker, it’s just that less is falling out and that’s why woman report thicker, fuller hair.

So after you’ve given birth and your hormones star to equalise once again, around three months you can expect your hair to start its normal shedding again, but because you haven’t been shedding as much hair it can be very noticeable and you may even lose up to 400 hairs a day during this time frame.

Not every woman will experience it to the same degree, for some it can be almost in clumps, for some it’s just a little extra on the brush or in the plughole.

What Can I Do To Stop It???

First, while it’s a complete pain in the arse and seems totally unfair, it is perfectly normal, so don’t panic. You hair will return back to its normal cycle of growth again in around 10-12 weeks… then cue the poxy, wispy, baby hairs that will drive you insane! These products are worth checking out and I’ve road teste most of them, but remember nothing is going to stop the shedding completely.


I’m a big believer in the old adage that says ‘beauty starts from within’ and if you so one thing during this time, try and look at your diet. An easy way to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients is with a hair supplement. They are packed with lots of hair loving goodies like biotin, zinc, omega 3 & 6, collagens, natural extracts and marine extracts. It’s best to take these supplements for a period of a two to three months to see results. You should start to see an improvement in your hairs overall condition and you nails too by the way, as they are both made of keratin. Plus don’t be surprised if you see an improvement in the growth of the hair ALL over your body! Razor at the ready!

3 To Try -

Perfectil Plus Hair

With 22 micro nutrients, Biotin, Selenium and Zinc which all contribute to the maintenance of normal hair these also include amino acids, marine collagen, inositol and grape seed extract

€30 for 1 months’ supply but boots often have 3 for 2 offers. Find them in pharmacies like McCabe’s, Boots, Sam McCauley and Lloyds

Viviscal Maximum Strength Hair

A Biotin and Zinc rich supplement with the addition of the brands exclusive proprietary marine protein complex AminoMar C. Also contains Vitamin C, Niacin, Iron, and Millet Seed.

€119.95 for three month supply or €49.99 for one month supply so it’s worth getting the three months. Available in pharmacies such as Boots, Lloyds, McCabes etc. and from


A really interesting Irish brand of nutricosmetics with a holistic approach to skin and hair. I haven’t tried this one yet but there’s a great buzz, plus it’s an Irish brand. There’s a tea, skin supplement and the Amphis Hair and Nail Nutrients which is an oral liquid sachet taken once per day and has a nice orange flavour too.

It is the first nutritional Keratin boosting liquid on the market, containing a unique formulas of Amphis Keratin Sea Mineral Complex TM which accelerates the growth of strong, lustrous hair and strengthens nails.

A one month’s of the Hair Nutrients is €69.99

Available online from and from pharmacies & health stores nationwide.

Hair Products

If supplements aren’t your thing, then there are a huge range of hair products to try. You can use many of these every day and over time you should see an improvement in the quality of your hair.

Three To Try -

Kérastase Densifique range

This is a salon brand and is little pricey, so you may not use this one every day. That said I’m a big fan and I would say it’s worth splashing out to use it for a while if your hair is needing some TLC. It’s a really rich formula that doesn’t weigh down your hair and you should see an improvement in the overall volume of your hair, it also smells divine! If you really want to splash out you can try the Kérastase Densifique Hair Density Concentrate which claims to stimulate 1700 new hairs in three months. I haven’t road tested this one but there is a lot of positive feedback on it. It comes in a vial which you massage into the scalp each day. The bad news is it will set you back around €100 for a one month supply

Shampoo Conditioner both around €20 each, available at selected salons and online, feelununique, beautyfeatures, etc.

Bioxsine Femina Shampoo/Conditioner

Bioxsine Femina was developed especially for women who suffer from hair loss. In the majority of cases, the clinically tested active ingredient Biocomplex B11 helps to stabilises hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hairs. It’s packed with zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper omega 6 and 3

€14.95 available at Lloyds and leading pharmacies.

Viviscal Growth Densifying Shampoo/Conditioner

There’s a fantastic price point on this new range from Viviscal. Packed with Biotin, Keratin and Zinc, I’ve used this one for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with it. I found it a little rich to use every day, but I have oilier hair. It is super luscious and gets to work adding volume. It’s a great everyday range, the only thing is the scent is not that appealing, but if you can forgo that it’s well worth checking out.

€11.95 Available at and pharmacies nationwide.

Hair Extensions

You can go two ways here with permanent hair extensions and clip in extensions. I am of the belief that when it comes to hair extensions you get what you pay for, so it can be a pricey option.

Permanent Hair Extensions -

Two of the bigger brands here are Gold Fever and Great Lengths. Both use ethically sourced hair and both are on the cutting edge of technology in terms of minimising damage to your hair.

If you go down the permanent route, bear in mind you will have regular upkeep of the extensions and you should seek out a local salon that specialises in hair extensions. Both Gold Fever and Great Lengths have directories on their websites.

Expect to pay anywhere from €250 all the way up €650. If you have the budget it’s worth setting up a consultation with a salon to go through everything. Remember a good salon will be honest and manage your expectations, rather than promise the earth.

Clip In Hair Extensions -

Clip in hair extensions and hair pieces are a less expensive option. And there are a huge range to choose from. From pieces that you can wear around the crown just to add volume, to pieces to add length or even ponytails and buns, you’re going to find something to suit.

They aren’t as flawless as permanent extensions, but can be a good option for a short period of time.

Hairspray, have plenty of options to suit all budgets from real hair to synthetic hair.

Flip in hair - Flip-In Hair was very popular a few years ago and is secured to your head with a translucent wire that is covered by your own hair. I had one and it’s not something I’d wear every day. I found it quite hot and sweaty, but that said if you’ve a special occasion coming up it’s worth checking out. Be sure to both match hair colour carefully. You could bring it to your local salon and get it fitted and trimmed to match your hair. Except to pa €100 plus from

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