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5 Things About... The Tooth Fairy

Time for another chat with a fellow Mammy and this week we chat to Ciara Hoare, AKA The Tooth Fairy! Not the actual Tooth Fairy or her evil sister the Teething Fairy, instead Ciara is the mammy behind, which provides Oral Health Workshops to pre-schools, primary schools, mother & toddler groups and residential/care homes.

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1. As a busy mum of an adorable little baby boy, how did you find the time to come up with The Tooth Fairy?

I always wanted to be self-employed and while I was working as a Dental Nurse and pregnant, I completed my Oral Health Promotion course with NUIG. After having my little man I soon realised that I would love to work my days around him and not under another person’s rules. This decision made it easy to go about setting up "The Tooth Fairy". My partner has been great, so I can't take all the credit. It has been a slow process, as I have been focusing on Baby E. When he goes for naps (rarely!) and at night time, I catch up on a few things. I think we have everything under control at the HQ and it will all fall into place. Family time is important. You just have to stick with it, even on the bad days.

2. If you could give new mums just one piece of advice, what would it be?

Even though you are new to the mammy scene, go with your Mama Bear instinct...(It's a real thing) If you're unhappy with how your little one is behaving or acting, seek help/advice. We know what's best for our babies. I also advice going to Mother Toddler groups in your local community. I didn't go until later and I regret not going sooner. Getting out and socialising was priceless. (That's 3 things, sorry!)

3. What is the one major thing parenthood has taught you about yourself?

Life will never be the same again, for all good reasons. All of a sudden you just have this extra human being that you've to bring everywhere with you! Motherhood has taught me that the most joy can be found in the everyday moments. That smile first thing every morning to the smile when Daddy walks in the door from work. Until I became a mother I didn’t know I had it in me. Parenthood has enriched my relationship with my parents too...I get it now! Ha-ha!

4. If you could take off your mummy hat for an entire day and just be you again, what would you do?

I would go to a music festival. Simple as that.

5. Finally describe motherhood in 5 words.

Unpredictable. Emotional. Rewarding. Friendship. Irreplaceable.

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